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Routine Blood Work for Dogs



Pre-anesthetic Blood Work

Ideally dogs of all ages should have some level of blood work prior to anesthesia, unless blood work has been done recently.  This is especially important for 7 years or older.  We offer a minimal pre-operative panel in-house that checks liver and kidney functions and tests for diabetes.

A general health panel includes the above, plus calcium, phosphorus, protein levels, pancreas enzymes and cholesterol.  For dogs who suspect a greater level of concern, blood and urine should be sent to an outside lab prior to the day of anesthesia.

Routine Blood Work

Besides periodic testing for heartworm and tick borne diseases in dogs, your dog will benefit from periodic "wellpet" blood checks.  For young healthy appearing dogs the simplest liver-kidney-blood sugar panel every 3-4 years is fine.

As your dog ages, testing yearly and more broadly helps us catch disease earlier.  In addition, dogs on long term medications (such as medication for heart disease, chronic pain, hypothyroidism, etc) should do monitoring blood tests every 6-12 months.  Remember - a year is long time in the life of dog!